Elias Schütt
Web developer

Hello, I'm Elias Schütt, a young web developer from Germany.

I am currently attending high school. When finished I will study Japanese and Computer science.

In my spare time I prepare for my japanese studies and occasionally work on web related projects.

Fractal Explorer

04 Sep

I have had some fun with fractals recently and decided to create a feature rich online fractal explorer.
As usual links first: Demo | GitHub

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DemoBox - A Shader and DSP Interface

15 Jul
I will attend a demoparty soon and thought it would be nice to have a web based tool that combines shader and music creation. It turned out pretty neat. Below you will find links to the tool...read more

Raymarching is fun

23 May
I finally figured out the basics of raymarching and created my first shader on shadertoy.com. The figure you see above is Danbo . You can view it here: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XdfXD4 -...read more

Chrome Bookmark Manager

08 May
I recently had the urge to rediesgn Chrome's default bookmark manager page, so I created a chrome extention and it turned out pretty neat. The design is oriented towards Google Now, with focus on...read more

Flashcard Application

22 Dec, 2013
I've been working on my own flashcard application the last couple of weeks and it turned out pretty neat so far. You can visit the little promotion page you see above here . I'm aware that...read more

A little insight in the development of my latest cross-platform HTML5 game

08 Oct, 2013
This blog post is oriented towards my soon to be released game called Pathfinder (temporary name). It is a puzzle/memorization game with several difficulties, achievements, funky music and an...read more

Online Tile Map Editor

25 Jun, 2013
About a year ago I began with the development of an online tile map editor, but soon gave up on it because the code got kinda messy and implementing new features had become rather difficult. A...read more

The Web developer's style guide

25 Jun, 2013
A style guide written by myself based on my personal experiences over the years. The majority of these conventions focus on readability, maintainability and performance. Index Formatting...read more

Portfolio Version 3

20 Jun, 2013
After finishing my vocal training as a screen designer I wanted to dedicate some of my free time in designing my new portfolio. As a reference this is how earlier versions of my portfolio looked...read more
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